Assumed office
Preceded by A. Narendra
Constituency Medak

Born 24 June 1966 (1966-06-24) (age 44)
Andhra Pradesh, India
Political party TRS
Occupation Actress, Politician
Religion Hindu

Vijayashanti is an actress and a politician. She acted in over 185 movies in seven languages including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. She was born in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India on 24 June 1966. She is credited as "The Lady Superstar" in telugu films. She praised lot of being a succesfull actress and political leader in south india.

Background and career

Vijayashanti, whose given name was 'Shanti', is a politician and is the elected MP from the Medak constituency in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Prior to joining politics in 2004, she was a leading actress in Telugu and Tamil films. She began her acting career in 1979 at the age of 13 as the leading lady in the Tamil film Kallukkul Eeram ("Stones Have Tears") directed by the legendary Tamil film-maker Bharati Raja. The same year, she debuted in her native Telugu with the movie Kilaadi Krishnudu ('Cunning Krishna'), pairing opposite superstar Krishna. For the first few years, she portrayed mostly glamour roles. Notable among them is her role in the Telugu film Satyam-Shivam (1981), the cast of which included the two legends of Telugu Cinema - NTR,and ANR.

Glamour Queen & Dream Girl

Vijayashanti's first break as a performer came in the 1983 Telugu film Neti Bharatam directed by T. Krishna. The next few years saw her in performance-oriented roles (Desamlo Dongalu Paddaaru, Vandemaataram, Pratighatana, Aruna kiranam, Repati Pourulu, Devalayam, etc), and in glamorous roles (Challenge, Desodhdhaarakudu, Pasivaadi Praanam, Muddula Krishnaiah, Agni Parvatam, Gang Leader etc). By 1985 she was exclusively acting in Telugu films. She became one of the Glamour Queen[disambiguation needed] of the telugu film industry.

As an action heroine and mass entertainer

In the blockbuster movie Karthavyam (1990), her performance as a tough cop (modeled after real-life supercop Kiran Bedi) won her the National Film Award from Indian Government and an Andhra Pradesh State award for best actress. The success of this movie saw her moving away from glamorous roles and limiting herself to tough lady roles. These tough lady roles made her a lady super star in telugu.

In 1990, Kartavyam was dubbed into Tamil as Vijayanthi IPS and its success brought her actress in Tamil cinema as well. (It was also remade in Hindi as Tejaswini, with herself playing the lead role. As expected, Tejaswini did very well at the Hindi box-office). Following the success of Vijayanthi IPS, the producers of her films began releasing Tamil versions of her movies simultaneously with the Telugu Movies. After she started concentrating on Action roles.

A lady superstar of telugu cinema

She was treated as one of the superstars in the telugu cinema.

Two of her very close friends are Suhasini Mani Ratnam who has been instrumental in improving her hair dressing skills and her competitor Radha , with whom she shares special friendships. In fact, in one of the interviews to a Telugu magazine, Vijayashnathi has mentioned that she considers Suhasini as her elder sister who has been protective of her in her difficult times.

Political career

In 1997, she started her political career by joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Soon she was made the secretary of BJP's Women's Wing (Bharateeya Mahila Morcha). During the 1999 Indian general elections, she was named BJP's contestant from the Cuddapah Lok Sabha seat against Sonia Gandhi of Congress(I) (however, she withdrew from the race after Sonia Gandhi decided to contest from Bellary). She started her own political party, Talli Telangana, which merged into Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) in January 2009.

From 1999 her movie appearances decreased as she focused on her political career. By 2004, she had stopped signing new films. In 2009 General Election of 15th Lok Sabha she won Medak seat. Now she is actively involved in telangana politics..[1]

Filmography (actress)


  1. Naayudamma co-starring Prabhu Deva


  1. Indirammada


  1. Shivani
  2. Bhannari Amman (Tamil) dubbed into Telugu as 'Maha Chandi'


  1. Sri Srimathi Sathyabhaama co-starring Raghu
  2. Sambhavi IPS
  3. Saahasa Baludu Vichitra Kothi
  4. Rifles (Kannada) dubbed into Telugu as 'Vandemaataram'


  1. Vijayanthi
  2. Adavi Chukka .... Chukkamma/Santhi co-starring Charan Raj


  1. Rajasthan (Tamil) dubbed into Telugu as 'Rajastan', co-starring Sarath Kumar
  2. Bharata Rathna co-starring Vinod Kumar


  1. Thadayam .... Lawyer Nandhini (Tamil) dubbed into Telugu as 'Chattam', co-starring Ramkee
  2. Srivaarante Maa Vaare co-starring Suman
  3. Kallukonduru Penn (Malayalam)


  1. Rowdy Darbaar co-starring Ramkee
  2. Goondaa Gardi (Hindi) co-starring Aditya Pancholi and Dharmendra
  3. Osey Ramulamma .... Ramulamma co-starring Krishna and Ramkee (dubbed into Tamil as 'Adimai Penn')


  1. Young Turks (YUVATHURKI) (Malayalam) dubbed into Telugu as 'Delhi Dairy', co-starring Suresh Gopi


  1. Street Fighter - Vijayashantii


  1. Lady Boss co-starring Vinod Kumar (dubbed into Tamil as 'Lady Boss')
  2. Maga Raayudu
  3. Tejasvini .... Asst. Supt. of Police Tejasvini Joshi
  4. Kuntee Putrudu co-starring Mohan Babu
  5. Attaa Kodallu co-starring Anand
  6. Rowdy Mogudu co-starring Mohan Babu


  1. Aaasayam co-starring Jagapathi Babu (dubbed into Tamil as 'Aasayam')
  2. Doragaariki Donga Pellaam .... Rani co-starring Krishna
  3. Surya IPS co-starring Venkatesh
  4. Chinna Raayudu co-starring Venkatesh
  5. Nippu Ravva co-starring Bala Krishna
  6. Police Lockup (Vijaya, Shanti) co-starring Vinod Kumar (dubbed into Tamil as 'Police-Lockup')
  7. Mechanic Alludu co-starring Chiranjeevi (dubbed into Tamil as 'Mechanic Maappillai')


  1. Mannan co-starring Rajanikanth
  2. Mondi Mogudu - Penki Pellaam co-starring Suman
  3. Rowdy Inspector co-starring Bala Krishna (dubbed into Tamil as 'Auto Raani')
  4. Aparadhi .... Paro co-starring Anil Kapoor


  1. Jaitra Yaatra co-starring Nagarjuna
  2. Gang Leader .... Kanyakumari co-starring Chiranjeevi
  3. Stoovertpuram Police Station .... Alakananda co-starring Chiranjeevi
  4. Talli Tandrulu co-starring Bala Krishna
  5. Lorry Driver .... Jaya co-starring Bala Krishna
  6. Muddula Menalludu co-starring Bala Krishna


  1. Karthavyam .... Vyjayanthi co-starring Vinod Kumar (dubbed into Tamil as 'Vyjayanthi IPS')
  2. Palnaati Rudraiah co-starring Suman
  3. Kondaveeti Donga .... Srilatha co-starring Chiranjeevi
  4. Muqaddar Ka Badshaah .... Bharti Rathod
  5. Naagaastram co-starring Krishna
  6. Shatruvu' .... Vijaya co-starring Venkatesh


  1. Bhale Donga co-starring Bala Krishna
  2. Vijay co-starring Nagarjuna
  3. Koduku Diddina Kaapuramco-starring Krishna
  4. Gunda Raajyam co-starring Krishna
  5. Bhaarata Naari co-starring Vinod Kumar
  6. Dorikite Dongalu co-starring Sobhan Babu
  7. Rudranetra co-starring Chiranjeevi
  8. Eeshwar .... Lalita co-starring Anil Kapoor
  9. Athaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu .... Rekha co-starring Chiranjeevi
  10. Indrudu Chandrudu co-starring Kamal Hassan
  11. Muddula Mamaiah .... Radha co-starring Bala Krishna


  1. Inspector Pratap co-starring Bala Krishna
  2. Donga Pelli co-starring Sobhan Babu
  3. Aswadhdhaama co-starring Krishna
  4. Yudda Bhoomi co-starring Chiranjeevi
  5. Manchi Donga co-starring Chiranjeevi
  6. Janaki Ramudu co-starring Nagarjuna


  1. Padamati Sandhya Ragam co-starring with Thomas Jane
  2. bhargava Ramudu co-starring with Bala Krishna
  3. Kalyana thambhulam co-starring with shobhan babu
  4. Bhanumati Gaari Mogudu co-starring Bala Krishna
  5. Yamudiki Mogudu co-starring Chiranjeevi
  6. Muddayi co-starring Krishna
  7. Swayam Krushi .... Ganga co-starring Chiranjeevi
  8. Dongagaru Swagatam co-starring Sobhan Babu
  9. Pasivaadi Pranam co-starring Chiranjeevi
  10. Muvva Gopaludu co-starring Bala Krishna
  11. Saahasa Samrat co-starring Bala Krishna


  1. Deshooddharakudu co-starring with Bala krishna
  2. jeevana poraatam co-starring with shobhan babu
  3. samsaaram oka sangeetam co-starring with chandramohan
  4. Aruna Kiranam co-starring Raja Sekhar
  5. Samaajamlo Stree co-starring Suman and Bhanu Chandar
  6. Brahmashtram co-starring with krishna
  7. Dhairyavanthudu co-starring Chiranjeevi
  8. Repati Pourulu co-starring Raja Sekhar
  9. chankya shapadham co-starring with chiranjeevi
  10. Kondaveeti Raja co-starring Chiranjeevi
  11. Naaga Devata co-starring Arjun
  12. Sravana Sandhya co-starring Sobhan Babu
  13. Sakkanodu co-starring Sobhan Babu
  14. Apoorva Sahodarulu co-starring Bala Krishna
  15. Muddula Krishnaiah .... Vijayashanti co-starring Bala Krishna


  1. Pratighatana .... Jhansi co-starring Chandra Mohan and Raja Shekhar
  2. Srivaru co-starring Sobhan Babu
  3. Ooriki Soggaadu co-starring Sobhan Babu
  4. Darja Donga co-starring Suman
  5. Chiranjeevi co-starring Chiranjeevi
  6. Thirugubaatu co-starring with Mohanbabu
  7. Agni Parvatam co-starring Krishna
  8. Desamlo Dongalupaddaru co-starring Suman
  9. Devalayam co-starring Sobhan Babu
  10. Bhandhi co-starring with Krishnam raju
  11. Kottha pelli Kuthuru
  12. Pattabhishekham co-starring Bala Krishna
  13. Vande Mataram co-starring Rajasekhar


  1. Kurra cheshtalu co-starring with suman
  2. Kutumba gouravam co-starring with Muralimohan
  3. Adadhani saaal co-starring with Murali mohan
  4. Veerabhadhrudu co-starring with karthik
  5. Dongallo dora co-starring with Suman
  6. Raaraju co-starring with krishnam raju
  7. Jadagantalu co-starring with suresh
  8. Enkennalli charithra co-strring with Suman
  9. Abhimanyudu co-starring with shobhan babu
  10. Challenge .... Haarika co-starring Chiranjeevi
  11. Mahanagaramlo Maayagaadu co-starring Chiranjeevi
  12. SP Bhayankar co-starring Akkineni Nageswara Rao and Krishnam Raju
  13. Sundari-subbarao co-starring with chandhra mohan
  14. Devantakudu co-starring Chiranjeevi


  1. Kalyana Kanavugal (Tamil)
  2. Thalaimagan (Tamil)
  3. Villiyanur Matha (Tamil)
  4. Neeru Pootha Neruppu (Tamil)
  5. Keralida hennu (kannada)
  6. Pandanti kaapuraniki Pannendu suthralu (telugu)
  7. Dharmathmudu (telugu)
  8. Pelli Chesi chupistam (telugu)
  9. Amaayaka chakra varthy (telugu)
  10. Sangarshana co-starring Chiranjeevi
  11. Navodayam
  12. Mukku pudaka (telugu)
  13. Neti Bharatam co-starring Suman
  14. Pelli Choopulu
  15. Rakasi loya (telugu)
  16. Shri Ranganeetulu co-starring Akkineni Nageswara Rao


  1. Vedikkai Manidhargal (Tamil)
  2. Nizhal Thedum Nenjangal (Tamil)
  3. Manjal nilla (Tamil)
  4. Ilan jodigal (Tamil)
  5. krishnavatharam co -starring with krishna
  6. prathikaram co starring with shobhan babu
  7. Vamsha gouravam co-starring with Shobhan babu
  8. Pelleedu Pillalu .... Santhi


  1. Sivappu Malli (Tamil)
  2. Pattam Parakkattum (Tamil)
  3. Sandhana malargal (Tamil)
  4. Nenjile Thunivirunthaal (Tamil)
  5. Netrikann (Tamil)
  6. Rajangam (Tamil)
  7. Pandanti jeevitham co starring with Sobhan babu
  8. satyam sivam co strring with NTR&ANR


  1. Kallukkul Eeram (Tamil)


  1. Kiladi Krishnudu co-starring Krishna

vijaya shanhi thudumu

Filmography (producer)

  1. Kartavyam (1990) — Telugu
  2. Nippu Ravva (1992) — Telugu
  3. Tejaswini (1994) — Hindi
  4. Adavi Chukka (1999) — Telugu

Incomplete films

Below is a list of Vijayashanti's incomplete movies. Some of them were announced but never started; some more were started but never finished.

  1. Zamaanat (Hindi)
  2. Akshaya Paatra
  3. Zindabad
  4. Adavi Raani
  5. Home Minister
  6. Raayala Seema Raktam
  7. Tamasoma Jyotirgamay

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