Pawan Kalyan

Konidela Pawan Kalyan
Born Konidela Kalyan
September 2, 1967 (1967-09-02) (age 42)
Andhra Pradesh, India India
Other name(s) Power Star
Occupation Actor, Director
Years active 1996 to 2001,
2003 - present
Spouse(s) Renu Desai (2008 - present)
Nandini (1997 to 2008)

Pawan Kalyan (born Konidela Kalyan Babu (Telugu: కొణిదెల కళ్యాణ్ బాబు); 2 September 1967) is a Telugu cinema actor and director. His notable movies as an actor include Tholi Prema (1998), Thammudu (1999), Badri (2000) and Khushi (2001) and Jalsa(2008). He is the youngest brother of actor Chiranjeevi and actor/producer Nagendra Babu. He also directed a film Johnny in which he himself played the lead role and his wife, Renu Desai co-starred with him.


He was introduced to Tollywood as Kalyan Babu with Akkada Abbai Ikkada Ammayi in 1996 at the age of 29. From his second movie he changed his name from Kalyan Babu to Pawan Kalyan. The movies Gokulamlo Seetha and Suswagatham . This followed by a superb performance in Tholi Prema suddenly . The releases Thammudu with Preeti Jhangiani in 1999 and Badri with Renu Desai in 2000 were also well received.

In 2001 he came up withKushi with Bhoomika Chawla directed by S. J. Suryaah. Pawan entered the top league of heroes in Tollywood.

Every high has a low, and it has started after a couple of years break from films and then a comeback with Johnny in 2003. Though critically acclaimed for stunts, the films was a poor show and bursts every where. The subsequent films were also poor performances at the box office.

The new and much awaited film Komaram Puli is set to release in August 2010.


Pawan Kalyan is known to have particular social consciousness among his fans. When his brother Mega Star Chiranjeevi announced his political party Praja Rajyam Pawan Kalyan took the lead as president of party's Youth Wings. As the president he canvassed at several places in Andhra Pradesh, gathered youth and apprised about the party principles. He was a great success at gathering masses and getting to the point on issues.

Personal life

He was married to Nandini in 1997, the marriage ended in a divorce in 2008. He then married Renu Desai in 2008 after his divorce there by converting his 'Sahajeevanam' into 'Marriage Life'. The couple has a son in 2004 and was christened Akira Nandan, they are blessed with a baby girl named Aadhya later in 2010.pawankalyan


Pawan Kalyan performed some real time martial arts feats his first film and the same was performed in public in Ravindra Bharathi Auditorium amidst of fans and public.Pawan kalyan recieved an award from MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI on this occasion.

Pawan kalyan is well for his mannerisms and styles.he is known to be the "Trend Setter" in Telugu films.later many young heroes followed his style of Acting,mannerisms.

Pawan Kalyan, as reported by the media, seems to involve himself in other aspects of the film making too. Though few criticize it, his commitment to the success of the film is unquestionable.

His commitment and hardwork towards film making is unbelievable.he is ready to anything to produce good output.Before coming into films,he got trained in Martial Arts.and those skills were shown in his Debut movie.

Pawan Kalyan created his own way of performing Action Sequences in his movies.those were very Realistic and Different to Regular movie stunts.

His "Thammudu" movie is a best example to describe his involvement in conceiving Action Sequences and Dance Movements.The films backdrop is Kick Boxing.

Kushi movie is one of top Industry Hits."One-Man-Show" is the apt word that describes the role of Pawan Kalyan in this film. He has shown finesse in each and every department. Be it dialogue delivery, fighting, singing or dancing. This film has four fights, which are extraordinary. And the specialty of these fights is that Pawan Kalyan himself composes them all. They are very real and pretty powerful. The dialogue delivery and modulation of Pawan Kalyan is impeccable. So are the dances in this film, which are done with lot of grace.

Songs conceptualisation & Action Sequences conceived and Choreographed by - Pawan Kalyan this is one of the rolling title in his movies

yes the songs were conceptualised by pawan himself and though this was the 1st time where Pawan name appeared in credits, Pawan has done songs conceptualisation right from Thammudu

most of the songs in thammudu, kushi and gudumba were conceptualised by Pawan (in short he directed them)

Initially it was Toliprema where Pawan's inputs for Emi Sodara and Yi manasse songs got their due as the visuals of those songs recieved wide applause

then from Thammudu he started entire song conceptualisation, he never wanted credits for this but director felt pawan should be given credits for this and the rolling title Songs conceptualisation - Pawan Kalyan came on screen

Most interesting thing is,he worked with 5 debut directors back to back[Suswagatham-Kushi].

Film Director Result
Suswagatham Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao HIt
Tholi Prema Karunakaran Block Buster Hit
Thammudu Arun Prasad Block Buster Hit
Badri Puri Jagannath Block Buster Hit
Khushi S.J.Suryah Block Buster Hit

He gave life to many new directors.

After Khushi, Pawan Kalyan was in Japan for a brief period learing Aikido martial art. That's for his debut directorial film Johnny.

After Kushi,he started working on his Directorial Debut movie "Johnny".A different love story set in the backdrop of Martial Arts.He worked nearly 2 years on the project.He learned "Aikido[one kind of martial arts]" for this movie. In "Johnny",his appearance was too different to his previous films.Pawan played a De-glamorized role in Johnny.Story,Screenplay and direction departments were handled by Pawan Himself.

"Johnny" released in 2003.and became a Flop at the Box-Office. It was his first failure at the Box-Office.

Pawan's maiden directorial debut venture is Johnny. Hype created for this movie was not happened to any movie in the 75 years of history of tollywood and simply it did not reach expectations and standards set by Pawan Kalyan with his previous films. Though Pawan succeeded as a director, he failed miserably as a script writer. This movie was sold for higher prices in all territories which was a record even after 4 years. Pawan also provided Story and screenplay for this movie along with direction. Renu Kalyan worked as a heroine and also took the responsibility of costumes and production designer.

But it was critically acclaimed from many critics.Johnny is not a commercial film.The Technical standards of the film were top notch.Best description about "Johnny" movie is "Technically Sound-Commercially disaster".

His movies were very clean entertainers,even watchable for entire family together.Pawan is against of heroines exposing and Blood-shed Fights in his movies.Often this nature of his can be seen in most of his flicks.He is strongly against eve teasing which has been depicted in few scenes and songs.

Interesting Facts

  • Pawan Kalyan's respect towards society is indicated in the form of a Song Sequence in his Films.The First song in every movie is message oriented.Songs like "I'm an Indian" from Thammudu, "yeh mera jahan" from Kushi, "le le lele" from Gudumba Shankar are examples we can see a society oriented song from every movie of his.
  • In Kushi movie,he choreographed 3 songs.and all the Action Sequences were directed by him only.Those were very realistic and Trendsetting one's.
  • Pawan likes old telugu songs very a tribute to those great songs,he included them 2 songs in his movies[Kushi-Aaduvari & Johhny-Ee Reyi Theeyanidhi].
  • Pawan Kalyan is a great fan of Japanese film director "Akira Kurosawa".Pawan named his son as "Akira Nandan" in respect of his favorite film director.
  • Pawan Kalyan is a huge admirer of "Che Guevera".
  • He is inspired by some Scholarly persons,historians,revolutionary heroes.Mother Teresa,Swami Vivekananda,Che Guevara,Jayaprakash, etc are a few to cite. Pawan Kalyan is not a materialistic person.He would rather act in a movie with some moral than have a commercial block buster to his name.That's pawan to the core,SO POWERFUL YET SO SOBER.In this kind of an impasse situation he did reject or miss some movies.This was a great opportunity for many amatuers.Call it a twist of fate or whatever ..
  • Pawan Kalyan was called as "Power Star" by people for his power packed action,stunts,dance movements and entertainment.
  • Powerstar Pawankalyan is the first South indian actor to endorse a soft drink product- Pepsi.


Year Film Notes Role
1996 Akkada Abbai Ikkada Ammayi Average Kalyan Kumar
1997 Gokulamlo Seetha Super Hit Pavan
1998 Suswagatham Super Hit Ganesh
Tholi Prema Block Buster Hit Balu
1999 Thammudu Block Buster Hit Subhash
2000 Badri Block Buster Hit Badrinath
2001 Khushi Block Buster Hit Siddhartha Roy
2003 Johnny Flop Johnny
2004 Gudumba Shankar hit Gudumba Shankar
2005 Balu Super Hit Balu / Ghanni
2006 Bangaram Super Hit Bangaram
Annavaram Hit Annavaram
2007 Shankar Dada Zindabad Average Guest role
2008 Jalsa Block Buster Hit Sanjay Sahu
2010 Komaram Puli (post production) 03-Sep-2010 Komrum Puli
2011 Kushiga Shooting in Progress

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